Hi, my name is Vicky and “I Live To Cruise”! I try, where possible, to have one cruise a year, but I’m hoping that will increase. I generally tend to cruise by myself, but I cruised a lot with my family growing up (where I must have gotten the bug from) and have introduced some friends to cruising too.

Preparing to sail out of the Manhattan Cruise Terminal on the Norwegian Breakaway

Quite often I will cruise for the ship more so than the itinerary. In fact, one of my top cruising tips is to do a cruise where you aren’t particularly fussed about the ports of call, and to just enjoy the ship when everyone else goes off on tours during the day. A cruise ship at sea and an empty cruise ship in port are very different places!

A lot of the reviews and material on this site now are being written by me from memory and using old photos as at the time I never imagined I would start a cruise blog. Going forward, the articles will be more detailed, and have better photos and more videos.

I honestly can’t remember how many cruises I have ever done, but I’ve sailed with a variety of cruise lines, and done short cruises, longer cruises, no fly cruises, and cruise and stays.

If you have any questions about anything cruise related, please do get in touch and I will do my best to answer your questions or at least signpost you in the right direction!