In 2018 I went on the P&O Azura for a week’s cruise to the Norwegian Fjords. My friend and I found a great deal, and whilst I’d tried P&O before and wasn’t overly impressed, the deal was so good that we decided to give it a go.

Quite often I cruise more for the ship (like when I repeatedly go on the Epic, or when I finally went on an Oasis class ship with Royal Caribbean) and sometimes I go for the itinerary. I’ll be honest, neither the Azura or the Norwegian Fjords were on my cruising bucket list, but it was such a great price which worked out for my friend and I, and so we booked!

The itinerary was to the Norweign Fjords from Southampton, and whilst we wanted a break that was cost effective (and sailing from Southampton definitely helped with this) the itinerary sounded interesting.

What we actually found was that the ship and the P&O experience were distinctly average, but the itinerary and the scenery blew us away!

Having sailed with Norwegian Cruise Line quite regularly, I had forgotten that (at the time – I am not sure if it is still the case) you needed to wear your life jacket to the muster drill. Obviously in these instances you need the obligatory life jacket selfie!

The Ship

P&O Azura has a capacity of 3,100 passengers and 1,250 crew. At 115,055 tons it is one of the largest in the P&O fleet.

My friend and I shared an inside cabin, which are surprisingly spacious – although we did have one of the better categories of the inside cabins. There was a privacy area outside of the bathroom shielded by wardrobes from the rest of the bedroom so that was particularly good.

The food

The food was very nice, but nothing in particular which stands out from memory. We dined at one of the paid for restaurants – The Beach House – on one occasion, and this was incredibly nice food, and well worth the supplement for a treat.

The itinerary

From Southampton we visited Stavanger, Olden, Flam and Bergen. The only port we booked a shore excursion in was in Olden where we did the excursion to the Briksdal Glacier.

The excursion and the scenery blew me away! In fact, the scenery is the best thing about this cruise. Everyday we would come up from our cabin and be greeted with absolutely stunning scenery.

We were so far north that it was never dark at midnight, and the midnight selfies against the beautiful sky were an added bonus.

midnight selfie on p&o azura