The segway tour of Royal Naval Dockyard is the only shore excursion I’ve ever done twice! Now it may have been on two different visits – on the Breakaway in 2014 and on the Getaway on 2017 – but it was still just as awesome both times! I hope next time I segway (assuming there is a segway) that it is as good as this tour!

I had never been on a segway before, (and have never done it anywhere else in the world apart from in Royal Naval Dockyard Bermuda since) and to be honest I didn’t know what to expect.

You join the group by the bus on the lawn at the Dockyard, and the tour leader takes your paperwork and issues you with a helmet. They give you a segway one at a time and make sure you are happy before moving on or departing. It might be done one at a time, but it goes pretty quickly, and yet you aren’t made to feel rushed.

The first time I got on a segway, I was starting to panic, and really worried that I wouldn’t be able to do it. It’s a really unnatural feeling, consistently adjusting your muscles in tiny movements and trying to get your brain to balance. You get to have a “warm up” around the area whilst the others are being kitted up and it soon falls into place – I mean, if I can do it, anyone can!

a segway tour of royal naval dockyard

You go around the Royal Naval Dockyard area, and out a bit further. Taking in some beautiful views, and being given really great information about the various stops on the way as well.

One of my favourite spots is Sea Glass Beach.

You do need to go down some quite steep steps to get to the beach, but it really is stunning.

a segway tour of royal naval dockyard takes you to some beautiful spots including glass beach

You will stop in a few places to admire the view and hear more about that end of the Island. It really is a very scenic tour, but although you are on a machine, it is quite exhausting too. I’m sure if you go on segways regularly then it’s no problem, but I was continually tensing my leg muscles from the nerves and it is tricky getting the hang of it, so both times I went on it, my legs were quite achey by the end – but it was definitely worth it! I would thoroughly recommend a segway tour of Royal Naval Dockyard next time you are visiting!